Top 10 Best Reputation Repair Services for 2020

We’ve sent hundreds of hours researching, and we’ve tested dozens of agencies to personally help over 100 different businesses with their online reputation repair and management. We launched this site to help business owners find and pick the best online reputation repair firms ideal for them.

  • Top Rated Agencies. Minimum 95% Satisfaction Rate
  • Full-Service Online Reputation Repair (No DIY or Half-Baked Results)
  • Best Consistent Pricing, Results and Turnaround time
  • Expertise and Specialized Service for 1 or more Industries

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Full Service Review Management Agency ideal for small and local businesses with one or multiple locations. Top tier service. Highly recommended.
  • Best for Small & Medium Businesses
  • Generate More Positive Reviews
  • Create & Manage 250+ Business Review Listings​
  • Monitor Customer Reviews & Instant Notifications
  • Mitigate, Respond & Fix Negative Reviews
  • Review Marketing to Increase Sales & Conversion
  • Over 139 people have picked DigitalGator today
An excellent Reputation Management & Business Platform used and trusted by over 500,000 U.S. local businesses, including retail, hospitality, and professional service
  • Recommended for Small & Local Businesses
  • Manage, Monitor and Improve all your Online Reviews
  • Business Intelligence, CRM & Email Marketing Tools
  • Excellent customer service
  • No Content Removal or Search Engine Suppression
A full service Reputation Management agency dedicated to the medical and health industry.
  • Best for Doctors, Hospitals and Medical Practices
  • Manage All Medical Listings & Patient Reviews
  • Nurture & improve your patient relationships & experience
  • Fix Bad Review & Generate More Positive Reviews
  • Medical Review Marketing to attract new patients
WebiMax is a full-service, enterprise-level agency with over a decade of Reputation Management experience. Very expensive but always delivers.
  • Best Crisis Management & Hardcore Reputation Repair
  • Customized Reputation Repair Solutions
  • Enterprise-Level Brand & Image Recovery
  • Repair Negative Google Search Results
  • Offers extensive marketing & advertising services
The best and fastest service to protecting individual's online privacy. Works to permanently delete personal information across 40+ data brokers and people search websites
  • Best for US-Based Individuals
  • Delete Your Personal Information from 40+ websites
  • Fastest Service to Cleanup Google Search Results
  • Affordable, starting from $10-20
  • Trusted with 20 Million Personal Listings removed since 2011

Online Reputation Can Make or Break Your Success

Most of us aren’t paying attention to what is being said about ourselves online, yet we find ourselves Googling the strangers and businesses we just meet or want to do business with. You can be certain that others are doing the same to you or your business.

Your online reputation is the most vital aspect in growing your business and a bad reputation has been found to detract over 90% of would be customers. Fixing and strengthening your online reputation will ensure you succeed. 

Bad Reputation Could Mean 91% Decrease in Sales

Your business online reputation is extremely important. Having a bad reputation, from a low-star Yelp Review that you haven’t addressed, a negative news story showing up on Google, or even having no recent reviews could kill over 80% of your business. Acting fast is essential to recover your reputation and avoid losing any more business.

  • 82% of your customers are reading your business’s online reviews
  • 97% of them will read business responses left on customer reviews.
  • 50% of them won’t consider you if you have less than a 4 star rating
  • 84% of them don’t consider reviews older than 3 months relevant
  • 91% of them won’t purchase if your business has a bad reputation.

The Best Online Reputation Repair Companies

When it comes to choosing the best online reputation repair companies, there are a number of factors to consider and ones we already take into account.

  1. Full-Service Online Reputation Repair — The agency’s services are able to help your business’s reputation from crisis to long-term protection.
  2. Best Technology — The best agencies have custom technology and software to automate, analyze, repair, improve and protect your business reputation across all mediums, and offer you easy access to it.
  3. Industry Expertise — We also recommended specialty Reputation Repair agencies that are best suited for businesses in specific industries such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Restaurants, Law Practices, and more.

Online Reputation Repair Strategies & Services

Online Reputation Repair services and strategies can vary from simple and refined strategies that can be fixed quickly and easily, to Complex reputation repair strategies for dealing with rouge websites or multiple sources of negative content. Here are some of the strategies and services that companies typically undertake:

Easier Reputation Repair

  • Manage Your Reviews

    Manage all of your company's listing and reviews from one place. Reply to reviews and ensure you're reputation is in check.

  • Fix Negative Reviews

    Have experts fix negative reviews by removing them, hiding them and/or responding to them. Review capture system can also help prevent new bad reviews from being posted.

  • Get More Real Reviews

    Send your customers invites to submit reviews on your best listings. Prevent bad reviews from being posted.

  • Reputation Analysis

    Get a full reputation analysis so you can understand where your online reputation stands and what can be done to repair your reputation.

Challenging Reputation Repair

  • Delete Negative Content

    Deleting negative content from the internet is possible sometimes, including websites, pages, photos, videos and private information.

  • Fix Bad Search Results

    Fixing Google search results is always possible but it usually take months to complete and be very costly.

  • Social Media Outlash

    Monitoring, managing and positively influencing your image and reputation on Social Media during a crisis or everyday.

  • Content Creation

    Create and promote new, positive content (articles, images, videos, reviews, listings, etc) on the web to improve your reputation and push down negative results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Online Reputation Repair?
  • How do I choose a company?
  • How long does reputation repair take?
  • What does Reputation Repair cost?

Online Reputation Repair can be complex and is usually a type of Reputation Campaign that combines multiple services  to fix a company's bad reputation and turn it around into a good reputation. Services may include content removal, review management, listing creating and optimization, content creation and promotion, PR, Search Engine Suppression, Search Engine Optimization, and Reputation Protection services to name a few.

Not all Reputation Management companies are the same, and choosing the right one depends on your needs, industry and urgency. 

We do our best to recommend the best companies for your type of business, but encourage you to do your own research if in doubt.

Online Reputation Repair can take as little as a few days for simple content removal, to a few weeks to improve online reviews, and as long as several months for more complex issues such as negative search results and bad PR.

Your online reputation is worth a whole lot, and the cost of Online Reputation Repair shows this clearly. Service pricing can vary a lot based on the need and issues plaguing a company's reputation.

  • Small businesses with a single location to fix can expect to pay between $2,000 to $20,000.
  • More demanding repairs may cost $3,000 to $10,000 per monthly, with total cost ranging from $10,000 to over $100,000.